Book Release: 1-6


Please join SAMUEL and the artists at TUSK for the release of the new book "1 - 6," a collaborative work by Christalena Hughmanick and Steven Vainberg. Snacks will be provided by Dove's Luncheonette and cocktails from Pub Royale.

Through the ancient divination tool of the dice set, this work by Christalena Hughmanick and Steven Vainberg uses chance to create a series of visual outcomes in the form of a book. The set of six dice has been cast in tinted wax and upon each toss, a series of marks accumulates on the page to create a drawing. The dice, which act as the vehicle for drawing, construct fifty random compositions and arrangements of numbers. In the context of a game or for the purposes of prophecy the outcome of each roll politely asks for interpretation in order to determine a following action. In this series of images, the moment of projection is frozen for the viewer to seek a narrative or truth of their own.