Pedestrian Magazine Release and Reading Room.


SAMUEL presents:

Pedestrian Magazine Release and Reading Room, a bi-monthly newsletter about walking organized and published by Alexander Wolfe. Accompanying the release is a curation of over 100 used books collected by Wolfe in the form of a provisional reading room featuring works produced by Los Angeles based artist Jen Shear amongst many others.

Opening Reception:

March 23rd, 6-9pm @ The Gowanus Studio Space
166 7th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215

Musical performance featuring Gambian brothers Ebrima Jassey on balafon xylophone and Salieu Suso on kora harp.

Reading room open for viewing March 24th – 25th (1-6)

“The social structure of sidewalk life hangs partly on what can be called self-appointed public characters. A public character is anyone who is in frequent contact with a wide circle of people and who is sufficiently interested to make himself a public character. A public character need have no special talents or wisdom to fulfill his function—although he often does. He just needs to be present, and there need to be enough of his counterparts. His main qualification is that he is public, that he talks to lots of different people. In this way, news travels that is of sidewalk interest.”

– Jane Jacobs, Death and Life of Great America Cities

About Pedestrian Magazine

Pedestrian finds value in the accumulation of accounts, routines, and relationships that are formed as a result of traveling throughout one’s everyday surroundings. The first issue features an interview and collages by Jen Shear, photographs by Ektor Garcia, a very special interview with Ridgewood native and bookstore owner, Curtis Merkel, and a selection of music for walking by dee jay Alejandra Sabillón.