No Dualism: Christian Campos


In No Dualism, Christian reexamines characters of ancient times in positions more familiar to the everyday than the legendary status they normally hold. Io, the princess of Argos, turned into a cow and cursed to wander the earth--the unfortunate victim of a husband and wife's quarrel--reminds us of the trekking through life imposed on all of us by existing, striving in some way to a goal nowhere in sight and perhaps non-existent. The act of striving on, especially from a mythological point of view, assumes a cast of characters in a league of their own, in glory and guile, accepting the odyssey of life as it unfolds. In these pieces, however, the dramatis personi here have been rendered as awkward individuals, either dealing with the freedom of leisure as most people tend to do, viewing it as an exile, in poverty of spirit, null of comfort, dependent on the good hearted or lacking the ease of the eye honing in on them. Centaurs, those physical beings of a double nature, when positioned as models, reveal to us the individual's relationship to their own dual nature, mostly unstudied, waiting to be unearthed. (Michael Stefnik)